Research & Development

Materials manufacturers are always required to demonstrate their imagination, open up new fields and polish their original technologies. We shall meet the many needs of our customers by striving in R&D, mastering manufacturing technology and realizing stable operations that are environmentally friendly.

Toyo Kohan's Activities

Our technological laboratory is located next to our production and development base, the Kudamatsu Plant of Toyo Kohan. On a daily basis, this laboratory takes a global point of view to conduct a wide range of research, including that concerning the development of new technologies for surface treatment and equipment, using its unique know-how to delve into electronics related fields and other areas.
Products such as Hi-Top (tin-free steel), Hi-Pet (laminated steel sheet), hydraulic tension levelers into practical use, hardened materials, Magnetic Disk Aluminum Substrates, and clad materials (materials made up of substrates of different metals) prove the advantages brought about by our R&D ability.

History of Major Winning Awards
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Prize Date Prize Name (Contents)
May 2004 Aida Award from the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity (aTULC)
April 2003 Commendation by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
(The Development of Functional Nickel-plated Steel Sheet)
June 2002 The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity, Technological Development Prize
(The Development of a High-speed Punching System Using a Rotating Body)
June 2001 National Commendation for Invention
(The Prize of the Chairman of KEIDANREN (Cladding Materials))
March 2000 The Okochi Memorial Grand Technology Prize (TULC)
April 1984 Commendation by the Minister of State for Science and Technology
(Development of and Study on Hard Sintered Alloy (KHM))
April 1964 The Okochi Memorial Technology Prize
(The Study on and Industrialization of Chromic Acid Treated Steel Sheet (Hi-Top))
January 1961 Tokyo Metropolitan Exhibition of Excellent Inventions, The Prize of the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor
(The Development of vinyl chloride steel sheet VINYTOP)

Research & Development for the Future

Toyo Kohan is using its unique know-how and ideas to conduct a wide range of research. In addition, we are always feeding back the comments we hear from our customers to our R&D team.

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