Message from the President

Toshiyuki Tanabe
Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.

Thank you for visiting Toyo Kohan's website.
Toyo Kohan was founded in 1934 as Japan's first privately owned manufacturer of tinplate. Since then, we have continued to provide products and services that more than meet the demands of our customers by applying our refined technologies for metal rolling, plating, and laminating steel products to aluminum, film, and other new products. We continue to expand our current business, try to develop new markets and business overseas.
The Toyo Kohan Group adopted “TK WORKS” as our brand symbol or logo and “Beyond Steel” as our slogan. These publicly symbolize our determination to realize our goals for the future. By using the knowledge and technological expertise that we have cultivated over the years, we can forge innovations that will transcend conventional boundaries and propel us onto the global stage and into the future.
In April 2022, we revised our previous management principles and other guidelines and also established a corporate philosophy that defines Toyo Kohan's purpose in society, our vision to realize this purpose, and our values that each and every one of our directors and employees are expected to uphold. This was done to reaffirm the unchanging spirit of Toyo Kohan in the midst of a drastically changing world and to express the TK spirit in an easy-to-understand manner. Our TK spirit defined in these guidelines will continue to describe how we conduct our corporate activities.
For our 100th year anniversary, we will continue to take on new challenges. As times change, we will continue to provide products that benefit our customers and serve the community at all times. We sincerely appreciate your continued support. Thank you.

Corporate Philosophy

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