Message from the President

Toshiyuki Tanabe
Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.

Thank you for visiting Toyo Kohan's website.
Toyo Kohan was established in 1934 as the first private manufacturer of tinplate in Japan. In the 80 years since then, we have continued to provide products and services that satisfy the demands of our customers by applying the technologies that we have refined for metal rolling, finishing and laminating not only to steel products, but also to new non-steel products such as aluminum and resin.
Going forward, while continuing to expand our current markets, we aim to develop new markets for our products and are actively working to grow our business on a global scale.
In 2013, the Toyo Kohan Group adopted a new brand symbol,
“TK WORKS,” and a new slogan, “Beyond Steel.” These symbolize our determination to realize the future we are aiming for by using our deep pool of knowledge and technological expertise to forge innovations that will exceed conventional boundaries and propel us onto the global stage and into the future.
For our 100th year anniversary, we will continue to take on new challenges. As times change, we will continue to provide products that benefit our customers and serve the community at all times. We sincerely appreciate your continued support. Thank you.

Management Philosophy

  1. Toyo Kohan will continuously contribute to the advance of society and the global environment by offering real benefits that have lasting value.
  2. Toyo Kohan will create a culture in which all employees and community members can lead fulfilling lives.
  3. Toyo Kohan will unceasingly pursue new technology and remain an enterprise that never stops evolving.


While Toyo Kohan is founded on tinplate manufacturing, we aspire to present a business model without parallel in the global steel industry, through technical advancement and precision processing of non-ferrous metals, resin, and other materials.



Since its establishment, Toyo Kohan has continuously aspired to help its employees achieve personal growth through the creation of worthwhile products. As we head toward our 100th year of business, we are looking to keep abreast of the times and make new history by creating a fresh and vital culture, while at the same time preserving the things we have worked so hard to build.
To help all of us at Toyo Kohan re-center ourselves in times of doubt and uncertainty, and face the future again with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, we have created a booklet for our employees, TOYOKOHAN GATE 100.

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