About Our Brand

As part of our efforts to lay a firm foundation for realizing our vision for the future, Toyo Kohan Group launched the new TK WORKS brand on 1 April 2013.

Our brand symbol expresses Toyo Kohan Group's new attitude toward customers and society, and reflects our strengths and unique attributes. Using the brand symbol as a tool to communicate with society and markets around the world, we want to continue offering society lasting value and real benefits.

Brand Symbol (Corporate Logo)


Brand Name:

We have decided to use TK WORKS as the brand name for the whole Toyo Kohan Group.
“TK” stands for Toyo Kohan, while “Works” suggests not only our products, businesses, daily work, and technology but also the way our companies and employees work together and strive for improvement.

Typeface Design:

Robust, metallic grey lettering expresses our history and tradition grounded in steel, the solid reliability we have cultivated over the years, as well as our constant drive to innovate. The slight rightward tilt expresses Toyo Kohan Group's forward progress.

Brand Symbol Mark:

The symbol mark (the arrow at the upper right) expresses Toyo Kohan Group's determination to create new, forward-looking value as we move step by step into the future. It also suggests our vision of the new world that awaits. The arc at the base of the arrow, inspired by the roll shape of rolls of our products, conveys our desire to be a business that constantly creates products that contribute to a richer society.

Brand Color (Corporate Color):

Our brand color is used in the brand symbol mark. Orange expresses Toyo Kohan Group's energy and enthusiasm for taking on challenges, and our commitment to creating a more prosperous society for all.

Brand Statement (Slogan)

Beyond Steel

We have established a new brand statement that encapsulates in a single phrase our vision for the brand and where we want to go. It expresses the attitude of a company that has grown with steel, and remains devoted to steel, but which now, fueled by creative drive, is moving beyond this core to refine its technologies and make great leaps into new business areas and markets.


Our company began as a maker of tinplate. By extending our technologies to the precision machining of materials such as nonferrous metals and plastics, we seek to achieve a business model unlike any in the global steel industry.

TK WORKS/Beyond Steel