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Functional Materials

Magnetic disk substrates (MD)
for HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

MD is one of the main components for HDD and is made with aluminum or glass substrates coated with a thin film magnetic layer.
The aluminum substrates produced by Toyo Kohan are mainly used for HDD built into desktop computers, servers and video recorders.
These are produced in a highly clean room, with own-developed process conditions, to achieve "contamination/defect free substrates".
Our key technologies are continuously developed and improved, especially in the plating and polishing process.

Aluminum substrates

Cladding Materials (FINE CLAD)

FINE CLAD is a highly functional type of metallic cladding material, and Toyo Kohan was the first company in the world to develop it and put it to practical use.
Toyo Kohan has made it possible to manufacture a variety of metal combinations by using our surface activation bonding process, which is a new room temperature bonding technology in vacuum.
FINE CLAD can create some excellent characteristics.
These characteristics are used in a number of various fields in which conventional cladding materials are difficult to be applied.

Cladding material coils
 (Copper/nickel, nickel/aluminum, aluminum/stainless steel cladding)

Functional film for container (Fine Cast Film)

The “Fine Cast Film” is a non-stretching polyester film developed for stretch-draw-ironing cans(TULC).
Polyester resin was chosen for its low flavor adsorption characteristics that maintain the original taste of the contents. In addition, to take advantage of the high workability level of TULC, a non-stretch film that shows high stretching capabilities at temperatures above the glass-transition point is employed, enabling the manufacture of clear and white films for the inner(clear) and outer(white) walls of the can. This can laminate material is used for beverage and food cans and is also supplied to overseas can manufacturers in cooperation with the overseas divisions of the Toyo Seikan group.

Functional film for containers

Functional film for optics (Fine Cast Film)

Films for optical use are being developed based on functional film for container technology.
We are working to develop optical films for flat panel display units.

Machine Related

Abrasion and corrosion-resistant hard alloy (KH)

"KH" is a cermet material originally developed by Toyo Kohan.
It features excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance and high temperature properties. In particularly, these excellent properties enjoy an excellent reputation in the plastics industry where this material is used in injection molding machine components.
"KH" is produced and sold by Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd., one of our group companies.

Injection molding machine componentes and kneading extrusion moldingmachine componentes