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Beverage Cans (Hi-Pet)

A girl drinking from a can of juice

Do you remember when you finished drinking a can of juice for the first time? These are the little things that we forget when we grow up, but they are also some of our precious memories. If that can of juice that is part of your memories had a white bottom, then that was a Toyo Kohan product.

Hi-Pet is safety and eco-friendry material used for beverage cans.

Hi-Pet, which is a laminated steel sheet developed in collaboration with Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd. is used to manufacture TULC (Toyo ULtimate Can). By using a polyester laminate on both sides of the steel sheet, the coating and cleaning processes can be eliminated, resulting in lower CO2 emissions, less waste output, and zero water usage. TULC is characterized by its white can bottom.

Figure: Hi-Pet

  • Beverage can (for fruit juice, fizzy drink, tea, coffee, and so on)
  • Food can
  • 18-liter can
  • Aerosol can
  • Decorative can
  • Gift package can

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Hi-Pet product information