Automobile and Machine Part Materials

Toyo Kohan's advanced technology is used behind the scenes in automobiles and industrial machinery.

Nickel-plated Steel Sheet (Ni-Top)

Battery parts for hybrid car (Negative electrode plate of square hole perforated core material)


Toyo Kohan’s square hole perforated core material, used for important battery components in hybrid cars, is made of the “Ni-Top.” The “Ni-Top” is a nickel-plated steel sheet that takes advantage of nickel’s high temperature oxidation resistance to achieve excellent corrosion resistance. Toyo Kohan’s leading technology supports hybrid cars, which will continue to increasein popularity.
Because of its superior corrosion-resistance, Ni-Top is used for fuel pipes, mufflers and other automobile parts. It provides a longer life for the parts it is used in because it is more resistant to corrosion caused by stale gasoline, heat, exhaust gas and the like.

Electro-galvanized Steel Sheet (Silver Top)

Bearing parts

As a shielding material that must be both thin and corrosion-resistant, “Silver Top” is used, which provides a thinness that has never been available before in electro-galvanized plating and a beautiful finish. “Silver Top” contributes to better quality in bearings.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet (TOP)

Weather strip for door High strength to reduce weight.

Door insert material is installed between automobile doors and bodies to provide both noise-damping and waterproofing. This material is made from “TOP” that is stamped into a net-like shape, then coated with rubber. This material requires precise plate thickness, appropriate hardness and light weight, and we are able to meet the requirements of our customers with our original rolling technology that has been developed over the years.