Electrical and Electronic Part Materials

For example, the “Ni-Top” provides high quality and longevity.

Nickel-plated Steel Sheet (Ni-Top)

Alkaline batteries

The “Ni-Top” was developed to meet the needs of surface-treated steel sheet applications where advanced characteristics are required in tandem with increased versatility. Nickel is not susceptible to oxidation at high temperatures and has excellent anti-corrosion resistance against alkali and chemicals. Toyo Kohan’s “Ni-Top” is fruit of the combination, for the purpose of making the most of the properties of nickel, of the proprietary surface treatment and rolling technologies the company has cultivated over the years. This material is used in a wide variety of products from batteries and stationery to automotive parts.

Electro-galvanized Steel Sheet (Silver Top)

Tray part for CD/DVD drives

The “Silver Top’” is an environmentally friendly and highly functional material Toyo Kohan has developed proprietarily. Applications include disc trays in DVD players, and copier parts. Furthermore, because of its beautiful golden appearance, this material is also used for aesthetic items such as cases and covers.