Can Materials

For example, the “Hi-Pet” is an environmentally and human-friendly material.


Tinplate cans

The history of tinplates, a lustrous material with excellent corrosion resistance, and their ability to be soldered and welded coincides with the history of Toyo Kohan. Tinplates are used in a wide variety of applications, such as food, beverages, 18-liter containers, and art cans. Our high-quality tinplates, produced using traditional technologies and state-of-the-art facilities, are establishing credibility worldwide.

Tin Free Steel (Hi-Top)

18-liter cans

The “Hi-Top” is the world’s first tin free steel commercialized as a replacement for tinplates by Toyo Kohan. With good corrosion resistance and ability to be painted, it is used as a material for bottle crown caps, cans, and many other applications including printing plates and paint primer steel sheets.

Laminated Steel Sheet (Hi-Pet)


The “Hi-pet”, film laminated steel sheet is proprietarily developed by Toyo Kohan as an environmentally and human-friendly material. Its improvement dramatically enhances the applicability of beverage cans.

* “TULC” is an abbreviation for Toyo ULtimate Can developed by Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

Functional film for container (Fine Cast Film)

Functional films for containers

The “Fine Cast Film” is a non-stretching polyester film developed for stretch-draw-ironing cans(TULC). Polyester resin was chosen for its low flavor adsorption characteristics that maintain the original taste of the contents. In addition, to take advantage of the high workability level of TULC, a non-stretch film that shows high stretching capabilities at temperatures above the glass-transition point is employed, enabling the manufacture of clear and white films for the inner(clear) and outer(white) walls of the can. This can laminate material is used for beverage and food cans and is also supplied to overseas can manufacturers in cooperation with the overseas divisions of the Toyo Seikan group.