DNA Chip Gene Analysis System

Contribution to the health of people and to a rich social life

Development Example 1

  • University Seeds

    <Research of Gene Analysis>
    Kyoto University has identified four types of genetic polymorphisms that seem to have a significant correlation with the side effects of Thiamazole, a medicine for the treatment of the thyroid gland.

    University Seeds

  • Kit Development

    <Completion of Gene Analysis Kit>
    Toyo Kohan has designed a chip kit for the detection of genetic polymorphisms. In this effort, a gene analysis kit has been completed, featuring simultaneous measurement of four types of genetic polymorphisms, which have been identified as objects, easily on one chip with high precision.

    Kit Development

  • 遺伝子解析キット
  • 専用検出器
  • 蛍光画像から、リスクスコアを判定
  • 投与前の診断情報全工程が3時間で完了

Development Example 2

A gene inspection kit to examine 12 items related to the promotion of female health

  • 遺伝子検査キット

  • <Gene Inspection is Useful for the Promotion of Female Health>
    Twelve genetic types possessed by self are determined. This inspection provides information related to female health based on the combinations of genetic types.

    * 12 types of gene information
    Physical constitution related to appetite for food, proneness to weight gain (basic metabolism), caffeine metabolism, physical strength, metabolic syndrome, breast care, sugar metabolism, blood pressure and other items.

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