Toyo Kohan in Your Everyday Life - Scene 8.
Crown Caps (Hi-Top)

Woman serving beer

The “pop” when a bottle is opened. The foam coming out of a bottle. The wonderful aroma. Tonight's party starts with everyone's joyful voices. At formal events and when you want a little luxury, the sound of opening a bottle has been the sound of happiness for everyone, both young and old and in East and West. Watching over you in happy times, sad times and all other times is also one of Toyo Kohan's jobs.

As a material developed from tinplate, Hi-Top is being applied in many fields.

Hi-Top is a material developed from tinplate, and Toyo Kohan was the first company in the world to be able to commercialize such a product. Hi-Top is tin-free steel, that is, it is steel sheet that does not use tin in the electroplating process. The electrolytic chromic acid process is used form a uniform and thin film on the steel sheet. Hi-Top has excellent corrosion-resistance and easily accepts paint, and it is used for a wide range of products, including crown caps, the white caps used for jars, and printing plate material.

Figure: Hi-Top

  • Crown Caps
  • Cans
  • Beverage cans, metal caps
  • 18-liter cans
  • Candy Tin
  • Spray Can
  • Home Electronic Product Exterior Parts
  • Electrical and Electronic Components

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Hi-Top product information