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DVD Player (Silver Top)

DVD Player

A few years ago we talked about “ rental videos,” but now it's “ rental DVDs.” Our daily vocabulary changes with the times. Designs that fit in with the interior of our living rooms and disk trays that are used thousand and tens of thousands of times. Recorders and players are advancing with the times. Providing fun and comfort while being earth-friendly is also one of Toyo Kohan's jobs.

Silver Top is a high function material that is eco-friendly and achieves both lower costs and functional beauty.

Silver Top is an electrogalvanized steel sheet developed by Toyo Kohan that contains cobalt and molybdenum. One of its features is its beautiful golden color that is totally different from the conventional image of galvanized steel sheet. It is also easy to fabricate, paint and it is highly resistant to scratching, and it has been used for photocopiers parts and automobile parts. Because of its excellent properties, it can also contribute to making processes more efficient and reducing costs.

Figure: Silver Top

  • Photocopiers (paper feeders, semi-visible parts)
  • Automobile parts (bearing shields, gaskets, etc.)
  • Electromagnetic wave shields used in electrical and electronic equipment
  • Car A/V cabinets

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Silver Top product information