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Personal Computer
(Magnetic Disk Aluminum substrates)

Woman using a personal computer

The improvements in the performance of CPUs have made it necessary for hard disks to be faster, quieter and smoother. These features are also necessary to support the ever-growing storage capacities. The personal computer world has expanded its business to transcend national borders, but “Made in Japan” is still prevalent when it comes to leading-edge fields. Supporting hard disks that work quietly and smoothly is also one of Toyo Kohan's jobs.

Magnetic Disk Aluminum substrates (MD), a material made by fusing leading-edge and traditional technologies, is supporting the incredible leaps in storage density.

Magnetic disks support the ubiquitous Internet society as an indispensable high tech product that is used in personal computers, server systems, digital home appliances and other products. The levels of storage required for digital data is increasing all the time. Reading from and writing to disks is done with a magnetic head, and the distance between the head and disk surface is only a few nanometers. In order to improve storage density, this distance has gradually decreased year by year.
The great advances in storage density have been made possible by a fusion of leading-edge clean manufacturing processes and quality assurance systems, and the electroplating and ultra-precise fabrication technology that Toyo Kohan has developed. Our materials that achieve nano-level precision, and micron-level warping and flatness have been highly appreciated by customers in Japan and other countries.

  • Personal computers
  • Server systems
  • Digital home appliances

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Magnetic Disk Aluminum substrates product information