Toyo Kohan in Your Everyday Life - Scene 5.
Battery (Ni-Top)

A grandfather playing with a radio controlled toy with his grandson.

It is said that the world's first commercialized dry cell was produced in the Meiji Era by a Japanese. Now battery had become commonplace and used in toys, shavers, music devices, and all others but it is still a comprehensive product.
The Nickel hydride batteries for hybrid automobiles are also progressing.

Toyo Kohan continues to offer products that provide safety, earth –friendliness, joy to your life.

Ni-Top is a critical element of "Nickel Hydride Batteries".

Nickel hydride batteries are used in hybrid automobiles that are considered as an earth-friendly vehicle of the future and Ni-Top is one of the key elements to enable the performance of the batteries.
Ni-Top is an electroplated steel sheet that was developed utilizing Toyo Kohan's original surface treatment and rolling technology.
With excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance of Nickel, Ni-Top maximizes the function of the application.

Figure: Ni-Top

  • Dry cells
  • Nickel hydride batteries
  • Automobile parts
  • Square Hole Core Material
  • Electrical & Electronic Components
  • Stepping motor parts
  • Stationary

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Ni-Top product information