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Prefabssricated Bath (VINYTOP)

A mother taking a bath with her children

Bath is when both children and adults can be themselves. Don't you remember taking a bath with your father when you were a child? Don't you take baths with your children today? The times may change, but bath time is a time that everyone comes home to. Producing a clean and comfortable bathroom is also one of Toyo Kohan's jobs.

VINYTOP is human-friendly and earth-friendly decorative steel sheet.

VINYTOP (FINETOP 5 and 6) is decorative steel sheet laminated with a special polyester film E-Sheet developed by Toyo Kohan. VINYTOP is VOC-free. When burned, it does not produce dioxins, chlorine gas or other poisonous gases.
In additional to having excellent formability and durability, VINYTOP is also very eco-friendly, so it can be used to make the daily lives of users safe and comfortable.

  • Wall material for prefabricated bathrooms
  • Interior building material

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VINYTOP product information