Toyo Kohan in Your Everyday Life - Scene 3.
Refrigerator (VINYTOP)

A women opening a refrigerator

Coming home from school or work, family members open the refrigerator door. This is something that everyone does, whether an adult or child, and may be one of the most reassuring times of the day. Refrigerators work “ coolly ” in a corner of the kitchen. The refrigerators' surface material that safely and cleanly preserves our food is also one of the products that Toyo Kohan makes.

VINYTOP is a decorative material with a refined beauty that fits into your daily life.

It goes without saying that home appliance components and interior and exterior building materials require advanced functionality, but design excellence is also one of the key factors for the marketability of a product. VINYTOP, FINETOP and COLORTOP are Toyo Kohan's resin-coated decorative steel sheet series that used use our original technology and production methods to laminate resin on steel sheets.

  • Refrigerator door material
  • Front door surface material
  • Interior and exterior building materials
  • OA equipment outer casings

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VINYTOP product information